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Keep your dreams alive!
March 14, 2018|UXer

Keep your dreams alive!

Keep your dreams alive!

What kind of person are you? Do you think you are successful now? are you hungry to be successful?  or who can measure your success?

Maybe some of my former colleagues or my high school friends tell me how I am lucky our successful in my career, but what I feel is all are bullshit. It’s so simple if I am successful or not, but I’m not satisfied with all things I have to my self. I’ve worked with big and small organizations, profitable and non-profitable, individual and team. but what I’ve got now?

I have valuable experience that I’m really proud of it. but at the moment I’m not happy to do. I need to do something more because I believe I can do more. I don’t want to save the world as of how Marvel heroes do, what I want is to make myself satisfied.

I was listening to my favorite podcast on sound cloud, but suddenly I got a great speech as a random next track. Now I am feeling that I want to do more. From the first day, I learned how to use Photoshop I started more than 10 different individual websites to earn money, but what I’ve got, is nothing! but let me tell you a story…

I was free for two months and it was good time to spend on Gold Coast beaches or having fun in James Bond Island, but I decided to try one more time, two months off for full-time employee it’s like another world, such an unbelievable paradise.

I started my own marketplace for UI and UX designers, this time I got some benefits, not that much, but at the first month I got $100!

I was celebrating with that money and did nothing else, but I was enjoying that moment, because I know I will earn more than that very soon.

But if you are UI designer, please keep your dreams alive, you are not just a designer because you can make difference. if you are UX designer don’t think of limits you face, give a shot to your chance, because you can make things work well.


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