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UX designers look to run a startup!
December 5, 2017|UXer

UX designers look to run a startup!

UX designers look to run a startup!

These days real talents are keen to start their own startup/product to focus on, but what about User Experience designers? Do they have good enough skill set to be a founder/co-founder?

Obviously, UX designers/Consulters are one of the core people in businesses and they are having a good vision of users, business goals, and market expectations but these are not those skills UXer needs to be the first person of a startup.

Leadership is the for a UXer should have to be a real leader in business with different directions. don’t forget about running the startup UXer has to have a different set of skills in Marketing, Sales and Project Management.

The main question of junior UXers is “Are they need to know coding?” it’s not necessary to have if you are user focus designer/researcher, but for running a startup it is good to know how to code. The best is to start with front-end codes and JavaScript.



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