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Google Analytics Report
November 10, 2017|UXer

Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics Report

The most well-known information UXers may confront is whatever they have arranged in their Google Analytics account.

Creating Google Analytics account it’s thoroughly free for organizations and they like to remain in there in light of cost and security of their information. Be that as it may, tragically Google Analytics isn’t the easiest to understand stage and more often than not entrepreneurs getting confused with its menu, tables, and graphs.

Be that as it may, in the event that you are UXer with no experience of Google Analytics, I profoundly prescribe you to go and pass online courses those gave by Google from here.

To have the report of Google Analytics, sending out the information in PDF arrangement to touch the UI to make it simple isn’t the best though, you may need to take a shot at it, how? for beyond any doubt, you have to peruse the information and comprehend the importance of them. what’s more, to write a report of it, needs to check the stage and item similarly.

You should have some key points in your report to present to business owner/client and make sense to make next step decisions. what are they looking for? definitely benefits! so after you describe the stats and data you have, might need to look deeper into it and use your experience and your knowledge to find the problems those might be so obvious to understand.

for example, if they are targeting a specific country, they don’t need to know how was the performance in other countries. So as a UXer (Designer/Researcher) you should know how to make points from those data. whatever you find, just shout it loud!

If I see any questions here, will answer asap.


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