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dumb dummy content!
July 18, 2017|UXer

dumb dummy content!

dumb dummy content!
What happened today to me, I realized that I shouldn’t trust developers to understand you.

Today I was thinking to find a topic to write about and update here. It was not easy and I just easily gave up, why? because I have no comment at all in the first month I started here. but I just got something very seldom to me.

I received some calls yesterday and they did not speak English and I just understood they are asking about some “Traveling” questions! and I had another call again today and this time It makes me curious about these calls, so I started on Google, but almost I got nothing there. so decided to search more deep with different keywords!

I just found some familiar website! so I opened it immediately and boom! the first thing I saw it was my design and my phone number on their header! It was a project I’ve done a few months ago as a small freelance project and they just developed my mock-ups. I don’t know why but as a dummy number, I put my own hand phone number that never changed by that company and its developers!

It was kind of funny for me and learned to not use my personal information as dummy content and couldn’t trust any developers and even project managers to understand what is their own company’s contact number.

The majority of my friends are back-end developers, very smart and nice people, but I don’t expect them to follow my ideas when we work on projects. so I should always check the UI and UX to stop their creativity with very obvious reason, they are not creative!
I highly recommend to don’t trust anyone and if you have some projects those are so important for you, follow up with the team every time you think is necessary and make sure you delivered your concept and message clearly to them. And don’t forget the end of the day, project manager makes decisions.

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