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What do I think about Axure RP?
July 1, 2017|ToolsUXer

What do I think about Axure RP?

What do I think about Axure RP?

After getting back to Axure RP I thought is a bad idea to just write a post about this UX tool that might helps someone who is looking to choose the right one.

Axure is not good for design
For who works with Sketch App or Adobe XD for mock-ups I highly recommend to stay with your software because Axure is too weak and old style in design to compare with that two popular software.
You can find elements (shapes, web elements, wireframing elements) in the library, but it has not that much capacity to change them.
for example, you can easily drop a radio button on your page but you can’t style the radio button easily, and this kind of design details are not that easy to find in this software.
For designers (UI) is not easy to use it on styling and they gonna face lots of limits, and the most pain is when anyone wants to draw an element with the mix of shapes, just imagine someone wants to draw a statistics page with all the doughnut charts, bar charts, trends. if you’re new in design and just had experience with new software I strongly can say it is not a good decision for you to use Axure.
As a leader of the team, I will never recommend my team to work with this old style software.
As a designer at least you need to have the ability to add a new vector (SVG) file into your design to modify it, in Axure there is no way to even changing the color of  SVG files and it takes the file as a bitmap image.
Even for aligning text, there is no letter spacing and justification.


As of how Axure is bad from the design perspective, it is good for prototyping if I want to compare it to Invision or Adobe Xd, I should say the animation and event can add to properties is just great. can easily add multiple cases and stories to as much as you want events, on click, on mouse Enter/Out and other possibilities.
This monstrous prototype allows you to link elements to each other as well and what makes it cooler is Dynamic Panel !. Do you remember Flash Professional? how should go deep in different layers for different attitudes? here Axure has the dynamic panel that can help designers to add some magic to it. just for very simple e.g. I’ve done with it its I was working on a project that I had a map on the page, I used a dynamic panel for it and add zoom-in and zoom-out function to it ! and I got an impression from the project manager for it!
If we go one level before touching mock-ups, Axure is a software for wire-framing and prototyping on that level for user experience designers and marketing people.
They could use this software, if not you can easily and faster than other wire-frame platforms, give them a simple prototype.


Code lovers
If you know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, this is a good software for you, if you publish your work as HTML then you can play with codes there and it will be a good layout for you.
Even you can design all the user interface you want in Axure and export HTML file and can add/edit style on manually on codes if you are into it.


What works for me?
In the team I work with everyone works with Axure and they are expert on it, so I work with Axure, I’m not happy about it but it is fine because I do have my lovely Adobe xd on my own mac. so anytime I work on freelance/individual projects. I won’t touch Axure! why did I like Adobe xd more than Axure or even Sketch? I will write about it later 😛


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