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Think about career, not a job
May 31, 2017|UXer

Think about career, not a job

Think about career, not a job

Today was a special day in my life and my career. Maybe readers thought that starting to write here is the only reason, but I should say they are wrong. But maybe not 100%. I’m starting to write here exactly when I’m leaving my position in Trusted Company.

No one could say that had a bad experience in any chapter of their career or life. I think all the bad experiences are good for next one. So I’m one of them and I should just say that I had a good experience in Trusted Company and I’ve got a very good understanding of startups and how a startup could be messy or organized clearly.

In TC I was Head of Design department that I prefer to call it UX lead because I’m sure to be the head of a department needs a real department. Having a team with two to three people it’s too far than be a department. But I was so so lucky to have these team members.

After all the meetings I had with the co-founder, my first mission was building a design team for all the UI/UX requests and the goal was increasing all the UX related numbers we had.


The latest shot of my desk in Trusted Company


In first months was all okay and I was enjoying the projects but as I mentioned about messy startups, we faced an uncomfortable situation for the design team and they ask me to lead the team for front-end projects. this is the killing part!

So I was tried my best for the team, I’ve delivered all the knowledge I knew about front-end to the team, but I was not happy to do this. unfortunately asking UX designers to code ! it means you want to kill the spirit. After a few months, I was not happy to use my skills only on freelance projects.

So I moved on and will gonna start my new job on my own career as a UX Lead in a new company.

But on the other hand, I used my experience that I got from TC, to find the best place for myself after I got a few offers.

I read some articles about career and the way I could develop it, and I believe resigning from you job is not scary and you should take a risk for your career. It does not mean you can be famous or rich, it means you can do what you like to do and you can sleep well at nights! even as a full-time employee or freelancer.

This is my first blog and I thought can be more specific about my skills and interesting things. but after a long day with full of emotions I had, decided to just write a few lines about it.

I will write more about my life as a UX designer in early future, and hope can share some knowledge here for newbies or others.

Please don’t shy and leave me a comment to motivate me to spend more time on my blog.


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